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Creative Non-Fiction

2022 – Red Flags in the North. Townsville 1919 (currently writing)

2022 – Remembering Rosa. The nurse that saved Australia from the Spanish Flu (currently writing)

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2020 – “Forgetting and Remembering during Pandemics”, in Matthew Wengert (ed.)., Our Inside Voices: Reflections on COVID-19, Brisbane: AndAlso Books, pp.61-66.

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Bjelke Blues - front cover

See also: Glenn Davies, “Remembering Bjelke-Petersen’s abject reign“, Independent Australia, 8 September 2019.

Townsville Bulletin, 7 May 1985

2018 – ‘Foreword’ in Caylie Jeffery. Under the Lino. The Mystery. The History. The Community. Milton: Mindful Matters, pp.9-10.

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Leanne Edminstone, “A renovator’s dream for suburban sleuths”, QWeekend. The Courier Mail, 26 May 2018.

Glenn Davies, “Under the Lino: A Brisbane collaborative history project is unravelling secrets“, Independent Australia, 31 October 2017.

Under the Lino book launch, 13 October 2018

Online Articles

2010-2022 – Over 180 articles published in Independent Australia online journal focusing on the historical background to contemporary issues on Australian history and identity. Article list and biography available at,14

2017 – “Frontier Dreaming. The perils of Katter country”, Griffith Review 57. Perils of Populism

2012 – “Australia Ignores Diamond Jubilee”, The Great Frock ‘n’ Robe Swindle, 5 June, p.6.

Chapters in Academic Books / Theses


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Newspapers & Magazines

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Northern Miner (Charters Towers)

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